Learn to read the Holy Quran with the Safar Abridged Qaidah.

This Abridged Qa’idah is shorter and more concise than the Complete Qaidah, but contains the same 13 levels.

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The Abridged Qaidah, or alternatively the Complete Qaidah, forms the first part of the Safar “I Can Read” Quran series, a complete and comprehensive Tajwid curriculum.

The Abrdiged Safar Qaidah is vastly different from other Qa’idahs as it its the product of more than a decade of experience and consultation from many different teachers. The Qaidah consists of 13 progressive levels, each focusing on a unique learning objective.

Each level provides a gradual and logical progression filling gaps left in most other contemporary qa’idahs. We have added supplementary exercises and graphics which make a complete and cohesive approach to learning for students.

The script has been imported directly from the prevalent 13-line Quran. Furthermore, every word used in this Qa’idah is a blessed word from the Holy Quran, avoiding non-Quranic examples which are common in other Qaidahs

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