Al-Malik – The King and Owner of Dominion.

Learning the ninety-nine names of Allah should not be just about memorising a long list of names. It should be something that helps children to understand their Lord and form a relationship with Him. It should be more than just words on the tongue, but should touch their hearts and deepen their love for God.

One way of engaing young kids in Islamic education is through arts and crafts

This week in our Muslim homeschool we learnt the name:

Al-Malik – The King and Owner of Dominion.

We began by talking about the definition:

‘Al-Malik is both the Owner, who possesses, and the King, who has complete authority and commands what He possesses. The One to whom the commanding and forbidding belong to. The King, The Sovereign Lord, The One with the complete Dominion.’

Whilst the kids were making the Crown Craft (outlined below) our conversation went something like this:

“Allah is The King. He is The King of kings. He is your King!

But what is a King? What does a King do?”

After a bit ( NO…. a lot!) of prompting they arrived at the answer,

“A king owns everything, tells everyone what to do and punishes those who disobey him.”

“But who owns the King? Who tells him what to do? Who punishes the King if he is naughty?”


“Allah is the King of Kings! Al-Malik!”

It is important for your children to understand that He is not like anything they can imagine. He is  not like any King they know, and He most certainly does NOT have a crown!

Make your own crown craft
Children’s Crown Craft

Materials Needed

  • Gold card
  • Tissue paper
  • Fun fur (1-2″wide)
  • Stickers
  • PVA glue
  • Stapler
  • Selo-tape
  1.  From the gold card, cut out two strips, each approximately 2″ wide.
  2. Staple two card strips together. This will be the base of your crown.
    Mak your own crown craft
  3. Spread PVA glue along the bottom half of each card strip and stick the fun fur along this edge. It will look best if you allow some of the gold card to show at the top.  Make your own crown craftMake your own crown craft
  4. Meanwhile cut out 4 more gold strips from the card, each 1″ wide. 
    Make your own crown craft
  5. Staple 2 strips together, with the gold side facing inward.
    Make your own crown craft
  6. Once the glue has dried on the fur, staple the wider card strip together, making sure that it is the correct size for your child’s head.
  7. Attach this across the top of the crown base. 
    Make your own crown craft
  8. Repeat from step 5 with the remaining strips and staple perpendicular to the first arch.
    Make your own crown craft
  9. Decorate the crown with stickers and jewels.
    Make your own crown craft
  10. When everything has dried, push the tissue paper up into the underside of the crown and use your selo-tape to secure it in place. 
    Make your own crown craft

Now your kid is ready to be a king (or Queen!). Whilst they play remind them,”You are a King, but who is your King? Who is the King of kings? Who is al-Malik? ……. ALLAH!!!!

Make your own crown craft

Make your own crown craft

Make your own crown craft
Make your own crown craft

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2 Comments on Teach The 99 Names of Allah – al-Malik

  1. Amanda
    18/12/2017 at 3:17 am (3 years ago)

    Assalamu alaikum! I was working on teaching some of the Names of Allah to our Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts and I loved your ideas! We made both the heart for Al-Wadood and a simplified crown for Al Malik. Your work is creative and lovely. Thank you for sharing!

    • Gemma Somauroo
      20/12/2017 at 2:37 pm (3 years ago)

      Walaykum assalaam. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to hear that other families are doing my crafts! Best wishes – Gemma


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