Maths. The word alone can make many parents anxious! As a mum who has been homeschooling her four children for many years, I’ve tried a lot of different programmes. A lot! Some were great, and some were not! In this blog post, I’ll share one of my favourite resources to teach maths to children in reception, year 1 and year 2.

Please note, this is NOT just for homeschoolers. This can help you if your children are in school too.

Maths for year 2, 1, and reception - Mathseeds review Homeschool UK

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How we teach maths in year 2

In our house Maths has to be fun! From a very early age, children will decide what they think of a subject, and whether or not they consider themselves good at it.

That’s why we try really hard to make sure our young kids enjoy their maths lessons.

We do this by playing maths games, singing maths songs, bringing maths into our daily lives, and by using fun interactive resources like Mathseeds.

Maths for year 2 - Homeschool maths online programme

What is Mathseeds?

Mathseeds is a comprehensive online Maths programme for children ages 3-9. It teaches kids all the concepts that they need to know through carefully constructed lessons and activities.

And now they’ve but together Maths workbooks that can be used alongside their online platform, or as a stand-alone Maths curriculum.

Mathseeds Year 2 Workbooks

My first impression when looking at our Year 2 workbook was how well made it and thick it was. Flicking through the pages, I can see that it covers ALL the material needs for a full academic year, so there’s potentially no need to buy anything else! The focus of this maths programme is to help develop their core maths skills and problem solving.

As soon as my daughter saw it, her eyes light up! It’s a beautiful looking book, and the pages feel thick and well made.

Watch this Video!

Inside the workbook, there are 50 lessons, each one covering a single concept. Each concept is taught with four worksheets. It’s very comprehensive!

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It has been cleverly designed to be used alongside their online programme or as a standalone curriculum, if you do not want to use the online platform.

Maths for year 2 - mathseeds workbook review

There is a quiz after the every five lessons followed by a lovely certificate for your child.

At the front of the book, they provide a year planner to help you plan out how you’ll use the Maths curriculum throughout the year. At the back fo the book, you’ll find images for the cut and paste exercises.

And it’s not just worksheets! They also provide a intructions for optional learning activities to enrich your children maths learning.

It’s an incredibly comprehensive and well thought out programme.

For more information, and to see inside the book, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Maths for year 2 - mathseeds workbook review

Who is it suitable for?

Mathseeds offer workbooks for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 in the U.K.

That’s ages 4-7. There’s also the equivalent books for our friends in U.S.A.

They even have workbooks for reading too! If you’re looking for workbooks to help your children develop their reading skills, check out the Reading Eggs Workbooks.

Maths for year 2

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Although we’ve only just begun to use these workbooks, I really appreciate that they cover everything my daughter will need for Year 2. They’re fun for her and easy for me to implement.

My daughter doesn’t want to go back to the other maths books we were using before, so it looks like we’ll be using Mathseeds workbooks for the foreseeable future!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the workbooks they offer.

Peace and love,

maths for year 2
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