When my eldest son turned eleven, I had the alarming realisation, “What are we going to do about maths?!” Up to now, homeschooling had been very relaxed, but as we stepped into homeschooling in secondary school, the thought of one day getting him ready for Maths GCSE was terrifying! So I started to look around for online maths GCSE courses.

Thankfully, Numerise reached out and offered my son a free trial.

And we loved it so much, that we purchased the programme ourselves when the free trial expired!

Let me tell you why.

Online Maths GCSE courses homeschooling for secondary school

This blog-post is sponsored by Numerise.

Why chose an Online Maths GCSE course

With a house full of younger kids, my attention and energy is always divided! Despite that, I wanted to be sure that my eldest son was getting all the help he needed with his secondary education. Online maths courses allow your child to keep learning independently, even when you can’t sit down one-on-one with them as much as you’d like!

In fact, teens and tweens love the feeling of responsibility that working independently online gives them.

If you’re short on time or if you lack confidence in teaching secondary school maths yourself, an online GCSE course is a great investment.

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Online Maths GCSE courses on laptop

What is Numerise?

Numerise is an online maths platform to help learners ages 10-16 years old. Whether you homeschool or not, Numerise will help your child work towards getting top marks in a Maths GCSE.

For Year 6 to Year 11, Numerise’s online courses align with the National Curriculum in the U.K. and cover the maths requirements of every exam board in England. Incredible!

With more than 40,000 questions, and 10,000 explainer videos, your older children can easily work through the lessons independently.

They also offer a free Confidence Lab filled with Information and inspiration to help build maths confidence for your child AND for you!

Online Maths GCSE courses

Why we love it!

It’s not often that your child happily goes to their maths lessons. When we started using Numerise, my eldest son would log on in his free time to continue his lessons. He loves it!

By offering XP (experience points), Achievements, Competitions, Goals and Leaderboards, teens and tweens feel motivated to keep learning.

I asked him, “Why do you like this Online Maths programme more than others?”

He told me, “The videos are clear, the questions are not too hard, and not too easy. And it’s really easy to work with.”


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15% OFF Maths GCSE course

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Numerise also offer a 2 week FREE TRIAL, so you can sign up, and let you kids try it out before you subscribe. But if you do go ahead and join, don’t forget to use the Discount code OMH15!

Online Maths GCSE courses

Numerise is part of Sparx Learning which is already supporting 1.8 million learners, and my family will be joining this community of learners who use Numerise. If you’re looking for online Maths GCSE courses, I hope your family will consider Numerise too.

Peace and love,

Online Maths GCSE courses
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