To know him is to love him ﷺ. As we endeavour to help our children to form heart connections with the Prophet ﷺ, we must begin with knowledge. Nurture a love of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in them by learning about him and his noble lineage ﷺ.

Memorising his patrilineal lineage (the male line) is a practice of the traditional cultures of the past that, sadly, is slowly being lost amongst modern-day Muslim children.

Using the FREE worksheets we have provided here, your children can easily memorise the blessed pure lineage of the Prophet Muhammad and strengthen their love for him ﷺ, insha’Allah.


Lineage Prophet Muhammad Kids activity family tree

How to use the Prophet Lineage worksheets

These worksheet activities have been designed to make teaching the Prophetic lineage as easy (and enjoyable) as possible!

There are Four Ways to Use these worksheets;

  1. Daily Memorisation. Remember a name from the Prophetic lineage each day (the correct order is on the guide sheet on page 3). Start from the Prophet’s father, Abdullah, and once remembered you can write it on the page. 
  2. Sing-a-long. Remember as many names from the lineage as you can, a great way would be to sing-a-long with the Itsy Bitsy Muslims on Youtube where they are also learning the Greatest of All Trees. (An faster-paced alternative is this nasheed – includes music.) Once learnt, the names can be written on the page from memory. (Please note “Kilāb” which was a nickname has been replaced with the real name “Ḥakīm” on sheets – therefore is not the same as the Sing-alongs)
  3. Sorting Game. Cut out all the names on page 4 and mix them and try and place them in the correct order. 
  4. Ordering Game. The order of the lineage is mixed up on this page 5, place the right number in the circle. The Prophet ﷺ is number 1 and his father Abdullah is number 2. Number the remaining in the correct order.
Lineage Prophet Muhammad Kids activity family tree
Lineage Prophet Muhammad Kids activity family tree
Lineage Prophet Muhammad Kids activity family tree

The lineage between Adnan (as) and Ismail (as) is not verified so is omitted.

Kilāb appears in the Hadith mentioned in Bukharī, but we have amended the original document and we have replaced “Kilāb” ,which was a nickname, with the real name “Ḥakīm” ibn Murrah, on the advice of our teachers.

May Allah accept this from us.

In need of your duaas,

Prophet Muhammad lineage

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