We are delighted to share with you our first published notebook – A Book of Centuries!

A Book of Centuries is a portable timeline within a notebook. 

Because this Book of Centuries has been created for Muslim families, we’ve put the corresponding dates of the Hijri calendar alongside the Gregorian dates at the top of the page.

Within the pages of our new notebook, your children can make brief notes of the people, places or events of historical significance as they learn about them.  This could be just a few words to trigger their memory, a small sketch on part of the page, or even gluing in images they found online. 

Beginning at 4000BCE upto the present day, each double spread signifies one century in the Gregorian calendar. Each decade has been marked on every page, to help your children align their entries to the correct dates in the book.

To help you use our Book fo Centuries with your children, we’ve created a FREE Training Video:

We’re also giving you an additional 12 EXTRA TIMELINE IMAGES about the Life of the Prophet ﷺ for FREE to use inside our new notebook.

This video will show you:

  • Walk you through the contents of the book
  • Show you how to use our Book of Centuries with your children
  • How to teach your kids Islamic history
  • What your children can include in their book
  • 3 common mistakes to avoid!

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