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Suitable for children aged 3-8.

A delightful picture book featuring home-schooled children as the main characters!

We follow them on the many adventures they experience in a typical homeschooling week!

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Who’s not in school? Tim’s not because he’s got the flu. Katy’s not because she has an appointment at the hospital. Little Harry isn’t either, because he is Home educated!

While he’s learning he has all sorts of adventures … some of which he shouldn’t!

This delightful picture book features a homeschooling family as the main characters. We follow them through a “normal” homeschool week as they learn together and go on many adventures!

This fun-filled picture book was written by Ross Mountney, a well known home educator and author,and illustrated by James Robinson, who was himself homeschooled as a child!

This picture book is ideal for children aged 3-8 years old, although I’m sure home-educating parents can appreciate it as well!

It is the perfect way in introduce your children to the idea of home education, and help to normalise your unique educational lifestyle, especially when they see those around them going to school.


The sequel to this book “The Wrong Adventure”, featuring Harry and his family, is also available to buy.

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Homeschool picture book bundle


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