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25th-29th July 2022

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You dream of educating your children at home…

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time….

You know that homeschooling the best option for your kids….

But a quick search online has left you feeling completely overwhelmed and confused!

There are so many curriculum choices, planners and homeschooling methods!

You need someone experienced and trusted to simplify it and show you how.

That’s where Start Your Homeschool STRONG comes in!

Because true strength comes from Faith, Wisdom and Action. 

In this Free 5-Day Homeschooling event, you will learn:

The FIVE KEY PRINCIPLES that are necessary to Start Your Homeschool Strong!

These include:

  • How to Start – The  ACTUAL first steps you need to take to begin homeschooling your children
  • What to Teach – How to choose which subjects your children REALLY need to learn
  • How to Teach – Reveal the TRUTH about lesson length, different homeschooling methods and how to find your own way.
  • Homeschool Organisation Realistic planning and setting up a learning space that still feels like a home and NOT a classroom!
  • The Homeschooler’s Mindset – How to manage feelings of doubt, fear, and overwhelm, as well as other negative emotions you may be experiencing as a homeschooler.

How amazing is that?!

⭐️ All lessons are pre-recorded and will be sent directly to your email inbox. This is great news for busy mums who can’t join LIVE or don’t use Facebook!

⭐️ You’ll also be invited to a LIVE Q&A session on Zoom on Friday 29th July at 6p.m (U.K.) where Dr Gemma will answer your individual homeschooling questions LIVE. (A recording will be made available if you can’t make it.)

⭐️ We’ll also have a private pop-up Facebook community, where you can meet other new homeschooling mums during the BootCamp!

Cost: FREE!

Who’s Your Teacher?

For over a decade, Dr Gemma has been home-educating her children in Liverpool, England.

Despite an enthusiastic start, Dr Gemma felt disheartened by the lack of quality resources available for the Muslim home educator. So, in 2015, she founded Our Muslim Homeschool, the Award-winning blog that supports Muslim Homeschoolers worldwide through one-on-one coaching, courses, and a variety of other online resources.

homeschool coaching

Her most recent publication, a Book of Centuries, incorporating both Gregorian and Islamic dates, became #1 Amazon Bestseller on its debut in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia and Canada.

She now hosts the popular podcast “Raising Mums” – the podcast that seeks to raise up Muslim mums so that they can raise their children well.

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What other mums are saying…

Dr Gemma has helped to motivate and inspire me as a homeschooler, she has given me many ideas on how to plan our days and she often makes me reflect on what I want to prioritise in our home. This journey can often feel overwhelming and she has a special way of reassuring me I am doing a great job but motivating me to be a better version of myself at the same time. Her kind and gentle nature really is inspiring and I have always looked up to her as a homeschooling mother.

-Sophie, UK

I truly feel lucky and fortunate to know Dr. Gemma and through her Instagram and YouTube videos. I have learnt a lot and feel more confident that Dr. Gemma’s homeschooling approach can instil in our family to build the foundation to Love Allah and a holistic wholesome methods of education. Dr. Gemma is extremely helpful and empathetic human. Inshallah I look forward to taking part in her upcoming course and I am sure it will be beneficial for my children and the entire family -Fatema, Switzerland

Imagine your ideal homeschooling day…

What would it look like?

What would your children be doing?

What would it FEEL like?

I’d love to help you create that, friend!

If you’re tired of living in survival mode

If you’re ready to step into a better way of homeschooling …

Join our FREE 5-Day Homeschooling Bootcamp…

And Start Your Homeschool Strong! 

Start Your Homeschool Strong bootcamp
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