Muslim Homeschool Podcast- Make a decision

Deciding to homeschool is a huge undertaking. As you make that choice, you’ll wrestle with emotions of doubt and fear; anxiety and self-loathing; confusion, and utter panic! And when you step out on the other side and boldly make that decision to home-educate, you may assume you’re the victor; that you’ll never face such difficult decisions again. Bad news friend…you will! But using the framework and coaching technique I teach in episode 67 of Raising Mums, will help you to make the right decisions for your Muslim homeschool, insha’Allah.

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Muslim Homeschool Podcast

In Episode 67 of the Raising Mums podcast, we talk about what to do, when you don’t know what to do! I share how to overcome confusion and make a decision in your Muslim homeschool with confidence and faith.

Key Points:

  • All you have to do is take the next step. Allah will show you what to do after that.
  • Confusion is your brain’s way of protecting you from the unknown. You know what you need to do. Find the courage to do it.
  • Stop allowing your brain to worry about the future, and focus on the now.
  • Stop worrying about the way – just take the next step.
  • “The emaan (faith) of a person cannot be true until he has more trust in that which is in Allah’s Hands than that which is in his own hands.” – Ali ibn. Abi Talib (RA)

How to Pray the Istikhara Prayer:

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How to Start Your Muslim Homeschool

Launch Your Homeschool is an online course that will hold your hand and walk you through the beginning stages of homeschooling, built upon the framework of the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

I teach you how to choose the right subjects for your homeschool, how to choose the right resources and plan out your year to create a homeschool experience that aligns with the values and beliefs of your family. Whether you are homeschooling in the UK, or elsewhere in the world, this programme will help you give your children an incredible education at home. 

I show you the essential teaching techniques that you’ll need to know to get started. There’s even an entire module on how to manage your time so you can still cook, keep the house tidy and take care of yourself, all whilst homeschooling your children!


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Doors open Summer 2022, insha’Allah. 


Peace and love,

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