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Being a mum is amazing! Being with our children every day is such a blessing, but it can sometimes feel lonely too. This podcast is inspired by a recent email we received, and if you are on the same journey and you have ever felt lonely and isolated, this loneliness advice for mums can help you too.

“Assalamu alaikkum sis. I’m very emotional and sad and crying at the moment while typing I’m homeschooling my 3yr old and nearly 7-year-old Alhamdulillah academically they are doing well but unfortunately where I’m there is not many homeschool meet-ups but still we often go here and there. I have felt lonely and feel very sad for the kids too. Today my husband was asking shall we put them to school  I don’t know what to think or say instead sitting and crying Could you please suggest me any advice sis. Jazakallah.”– Sister S

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In Episode 58 of the Raising Mums podcast, I share some advice on how to deal with loneliness while homeschooling.

What we really need to consider is:-

  • Is it really loneliness, or is there something else going on?
  • Overcome your fear of rejection – you are enough. You are worthy of love and friendship and meaningful relationships. You don’t need anyone else’s approval when you have your own. 
  • Do something that scares you every day
  • Serve others, in whatever form that may take
  • Connect more deeply to those who have existing relationships with
  • Take care of your physical and spiritual well-being

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loneliness for mums

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