Education is compulsory but school is not. Under the 1996 Education Act, parents have a responsibility to provide their children with a suitable education whether at school or otherwise. School does not suit all children or lifestyles. Parents choose home education for a number of reasons, the topmost of which is the desire to give their children a quality, individualised education that will equip them for their adult life in an ever-faster-changing world.  This may all change. Parliament is currently debating a proposal for a new education bill. The New Schools Bill will also impose new requirements on Home educating parents. So how will this change your life and why should you be concerned?

In Episode 81 of the Raising Mums podcast, I share why home educators should be concerned about the New Schools Bill.

Read the New Schools Bill HERE:

New Schools Bill and Home Education

  • The changes in the Schools Bill impact England, but not currently Wales and Scotland.
  • Local authorities must have a register of all children not in school. Every local authority is different and without strict guidelines, there is a risk that LAs will abuse their new powers.
  • Parents can be fined up to £1000-£2500 for failing to comply with new regulations
  • Local authorities must now provide support to home educators but no specifics have been given on what this will look like.
  • Instead of protecting home educators, these changes treat us as a problem that needs to be controlled. Many are concerned about what this will lead to.
  • No specifics are given on what information will be collected to assess if a “suitable education” is being provided by parents.

The Bill and amendments are currently being discussed in the House of Lords throughout June. Petitions against the Schools Bill by home educators are available to sign nationwide. The easiest way to find it is by searching on Facebook for the New Schools Bill and your consistency name.

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