This review will be looking at the work of a British Muslimah
author, Elizabeth Lymer, who has written numerous works of Islamic children’s

Muslim Children Book Review: Elizabeth Lymer
It is so exciting to see more and more Muslim children’s
available for the English-speaking market. In my experience, there is a
lot of children’s literature available for Muslim kids, but so much of it is
dry and uninspiring.

Fear not… Elizabeth Lymer has brought a whimsy and charm
back into Muslim Children’s Books!

These books are beautiful! The intention behind them, and sincerity
of the author, shines through. They are a testimony to how talented and creative
our Muslim sisters are…and that makes me so happy!

There is a very whimsical sweetness in the way she writes and in what she chooses to write about which is utterly charming!

The messages and stories these books tell have real worth
and merit, and are far more deserving of a place on your bookcase, than any of
the ‘modern fluff’ that is so readily available today.

I will be reviewing three books written by Elizabeth Lymer:

Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks,
Muslim Lullabies &
Baby Traveller Bismillah

So let’s get started!

Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks

This sweet story is about a family who find that their socks
keep going missing, and about how they find the monster that is taking them. It
teaches children to first make duaa to Allah (swt) and then ask others for

It is a funny and silly story that kids will love; but underneath the
silliness is a really important lesson about turning to Allah (swt) and
trusting in Him.

It also has a knitting pattern in the back in case anyone
fancies knitting themselves some rainbow socks!

Elizabeth Lymer Review
Enjoying Hector Hectricity!

I would recommend this book for children aged 2-5.

This book has just launched! You can purchase a copy of this book from the IHRC Shop
or Amazon 

Muslim Lullabies

In this collection, Elizabeth has written new
Islamically-themed lyrics
to well-known English lullabies.

 All the lullabies have themes from the Quran within them and teach bedtime practices from the Sunnah.

It is such a wonderful experience to sing beautiful songs of dhikr to send your baby to sleep. It has been so special to sing these lullabies to my children and create those magical memories together.

One of my favourites

 Hush Now Habibty (To the tune of Rock-a-bye, Baby)

“Hush now, Habibty,
Let yourself rest,
Snug in du’as
That you will be blessed,
Guarded from evil
Of the dark hours,
By Allah’s protection
And perfect power.

If you’re not sure how the tune is supposed to sound, Elizabeth Lymer has also produced an accompanying video on Youtube to help!

However, if you are not familiar with English children’s lullabies, then I
think you would struggle to use this book. Although if you live in the U.S. Muslim Lullabies is also available to buy on Audio CD.

The book itself is dedicated to sister Maria Zain, who passed away in 2014, along with a link to help support the six children she left behind.

Elizabeth Lymer Review
They got the giggles!!!
I sincerely recommend this book to anyone with young children (under 3’s); or if you know someone who is pregnant, this would make a fabulous gift for their new baby.

This book would be a great addition to your home library and hopefully a means of creating beautiful memories with your children.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book CLICK HERE

Baby Traveller Bismillah

This simple book is aimed at babies aged newborn-18months.
It introduces children to the five senses, to different modes of transport, and
to dhikr.

The word Allah is repeated frequently throughout the book. I hope that my baby will be saying Allah soon …because of this book!

The words
our children hear, and the stories we read them, do leave a lasting impression.
I am certain that hearing this book, and the dhikr it contains, will impact
on her and leave a lasting imprint on her heart…insha’Allah.

To purchase this book:
UK customers CLICK HERE
US customers CLICK HERE 

Elizabeth Lymer Review
Enjoying his new book!

I’m getting a bit emotional writing this review because I really feel
like Elizabeth Lymer has gifted our children something incredible…Something
that will truly enrich their lives
. It is such a blessing…May Allah reward her!

For more information about Elizabeth Lymer and the numerous books she has written, CLICK HERE to visit her website.

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