Bee and Ladybird Sewing Craft

This week in Our Muslim Homeschool the boys have been learning to sew.They sewed these cute bee and ladybird toys. It was really easy and so much fun. Keep reading to see how they did it!

Sewing for kids
Ever since my 5-year-old learnt that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) used to repair his own clothes, my son has wanted to sew! 
I found these Sewing Craft Kits, made by Baker Ross, and the boys were so excited to get started!
Contents of sewing kit
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It included all the materials you needed to make both the ladybird and the bee including:
– Coloured felt 
– Wool
– Needle
– Felt stickers
– Toy stuffing
– Instructions
Contents of children's sewing kit

The manufacturers recommend this kit for ages 5+, but you know if you child is capable or not. Use your own judgement. My 3-year-old surprised everyone by doing the bee almost entirely by himself….he’s a natural! mashAllah.

Sewing together the felt circles
Sewing together the felt circles
Stuffing his toy ladybird
Applying felt stickers
Adding the felt stickers

This kit was PERFECT for little ones. The pre-punched holes made it easy to thread the needle through, the large plastic needle was safe, and the final product was SO CUTE!

My natural!
Sewing for 5 year olds
Sewing for 5 year olds

If you wanted to, you could easily recreate this kit yourself, and purchase everything from your local craft shop. 

If you would like to purchase this Children Sewing Kit just click HERE

Have you taught your children to sew? What sewing projects did you do together? Please share with us all in the comments below. 

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