Taking the plunge into homeschooling your children for some reason seems frightening and you still haven’t been able to bring yourself to make that move to get started because you are afraid to homeschool. There is always a certain amount of risk in anything we do in this life, and homeschooling is no different. Being successful in homeschooling means coming face to face with your biggest fears. However, there are ways you can stop these worries from holding you back from what you know is right. Don’t let fear stop you from homeschooling your children.

Afraid homeschool

In Episode 84 of the Raising Mums podcast, I share three practices you can do to manage your fear around homeschooling!

  1. Remember your intention. Remind yourself why you chose to home-educate your children and why you believe it’s the right thing to do.
  2. Ask yourself,” What is the worst thing that could happen?” and “How likely is that?” Reframe your decision to homeschool as a commitment for the next year or two.
  3. You don’t need to rely upon yourself, only upon Allah.

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Launch Your Homeschool is an online course that will hold your hand and walk you through the beginning stages of homeschooling, built upon the framework of the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

I teach you how to choose the right subjects for your homeschool, how to choose the right resources and plan out your year to create a homeschool experience that aligns with the values and beliefs of your family. Whether you are homeschooling in the UK, or elsewhere in the world, this programme will help you give your children an incredible education at home. 

I show you the essential teaching techniques that you’ll need to know to get started. There’s even an entire module on how to manage your time so you can still cook, keep the house tidy and take care of yourself, all whilst homeschooling your children!


Launch Your Homeschool enrolment is currently closed.

Doors open July 2022, insha’Allah. 

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