Play-based learning is so much more than just having fun for children; it is also a great way for them to learn. During childhood, play plays a significant role in the development and health of children and their long-term success in learning and life. It is through play that competence is built in many domains. As children play, they are able to address social problems, solve problems solve and invent scenes and stories.

Pey Abdulwahid speaks about the importance of preserving play and wonder in childhood and gives advice to mothers who want to give their children more freedom when playing.

play-based learning

In Episode 89 of the Raising Mums podcast, I talk to Pey Abdulwahid about play-based learning.

Pey is a mum of 3 little kids (5 and under). She is interested in psychology, neuroscience and anything parenting and early childhood development, and of course, Islam. She likes to wrap gifts, cut, doodle, and do anything crafty and she also loves going to the beach and swimming.

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