How to homeschool in lockdown

The government announced that schools in the UK would not reopen this January 2021 for at least 6 weeks. This has thrown many families into a state of worry and, in some cases, panic as they come to terms with the fact that they will have to homeschool their children through this lockdown.

Families are concerned how this lockdown will affect their children’s education, and want to know how they can effectively homeschool them.

Parents also want to know how they’re going to be productive and get everything done, whilst also homeschooling their children.

homeschooling in lockdown

In this episode of Raising Mums, I share a realistic and sustainable way to homeschool your children during the lockdown, and give you several time management hacks to help you stay productive during this difficult time.


I hope this has helped you if you’re suddenly homeschooling your children during this lockdown.

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Peace and Love,

Homeschooling in a lockdown