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At one time or another in our home education journey, many of us deal with a well-known doubt in ourselves that we call imposter syndrome. It can come in many forms, and it usually hits you when you’re discouraged, stressed, or on the way to burnout. It’s that constant feeling that you might be doing something wrong when home educating. How do we overcome homeschool Imposter syndrome especially when it is causing unnecessary stress in an already stressful world?

In Episode 77 of the Raising Mums podcast, I share how to change your negative mindset about home education.

Key Points:

  • The way we speak to ourselves informs the actions we take.
  • Negative thinking such as, “You don’t know what you’re doing,” “You’re not good enough,” and “Those mums are so much better than you,” causes you to make poor decisions about the education of your children.
  • Feeling like a fraud leads you to compromise your values and what is true to you, so try to be someone else or please the people around you.
  • You do not need to wait until an imaginary day in the future when you’ve got it “all figured out” to feel like a homeschooler. You can enjoy home education TODAY!
  • Because the way you think about home education directly correlates with how you feel.
  • If you want to feel better then change the way you think.

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How to Start Homeschooling UK

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I show you the essential teaching techniques that you’ll need to know to get started. There’s even an entire module on how to manage your time so you can still cook, keep the house tidy and take care of yourself, all whilst homeschooling your children!


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Dealing with Naysayers | Home Education

Home education How to deal with naysayers

As homeschooling parents, we have to overcome many obstacles and hurdles, to provide out children with the education and lifestyle we want for them. When you first begin, one of the biggest barriers to home education, is dealing with naysayers.

In those beginning months and years of home education, many of us are fragile. The slightest bump in the road can shatter our confidence and leave us questioning our decision to homeschool. And so, when people around us find fault in our homeschooling, it can send us into a negative spiral, of self-doubt and shame.

Home education | How to deal with naysayers

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So what do you do when someone tells you that you shouldn’t homeschool your children?

In episode 34 of the Raising Mums podcast, I discuss how to deal with naysayers, in a way that will leave you feeling empowered, rather than ashamed.


The key to dealing with naysayers is to identify if they are truly coming from a place of concern, or simply feeding their own ego.

In both situations, put yourself into their position and respond with love and compassion.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t stand up for yourself. If you are being mistreated, you must! But do it with compassion, and you will leave the situation feeling more empowered, and confident in your decision to home educate your kids.

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