When homeschooling you have the best intentions, but sometimes you wonder if you’re going to make it. Does your homeschool have a chance of success? How are you going to make it work, or even if you will fail?

You know how homeschooling benefits your kids and provides them with an excellent education. You’ve found advice on choosing curriculum, learning styles, methods of homeschooling, and setting up a schedule. But have you ever been told what personal qualities YOU NEED to succeed?


In Episode 92 of the Raising Mums podcast, I share how to successfully homeschool.

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Enough to Homeschool

Enough to Homeschool is a 5-day virtual workshop with Dr. Gemma, for the mother who is ready to feel like a homeschooler.

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Homeschooling success depends on the mother’s emotional regulation.

The curriculum she picks, her daily routine, and her knowledge of education are helpful. But, if she cannot see through the fog of her emotions, she will not be able to see the truth of what her children need, how to best educate them, and will struggle to enjoy the privilege that is home education.

Unlock your confidence and step into your role as a home educator!

The Enough to Homeschool 5-day workshop will take place 10-14th October 2022.