When thinking about how to start homeschooling, the first thing most of us will consider about is “What books do I need?” But before you start buying any homeschooling books, there are some other things you need to work on first ...3 other things in fact! 

In episode 23 of The Raising Mums Podcast,

I discuss the 3 Qualities that Homeschool mums need to develop to homeschool well.

How to start homeschooling | 3 Qualities you need to start

In this Live Broadcast, I discuss:

?Why the willingness to learn and grow is so necessary

? How to deal with failure and mistakes

?The importance of being clear on your “why”

?And I give more details on my Upcoming Homeschooling Course “Launch Your Homeschool.


Launch your Homeschool, our online Homeschooling course, is coming on 11th July! Insha’Allah.

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Next week, Sunday 5th July, I’ll be back with another LIVE Broadcast on Facebook and Instagram at 10am GMT.

We’ll be discussing, 

“The 5 Homeschooling Mistakes that New Homeschoolers make!”

I hope I’ll see you there!

Have a great week friends.

Peace and Love,

Homeschooling children

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