I know you’re enthusiastic to start homeschooling your children. That’s amazing! Maybe you’ve read “all” the books, picked out a curriculum and you feel prepared. But before you launch into home education, I want to share some mistakes that homeschoolers make…so you won’t make them too!

How to start homeschooling | 5 mistake homeschoolers make so you don't make them too!

This season of the Raising Mums, is dedicated to the parents who want to know know “How to Start Homeschooling.”

In episode 24, I spell out 5 mistakes that I see homeschoolers make. Honestly, I should know – I’ve made them myself!

So if you want to know how to start homeschooling, this episode is a great place to start.


How to Start Homeschooling

The Five Mistakes you should avoid are:

? Spending too long searching for the “perfect” curriculum

? Under-estimate the importance of a happy mum

? Pay too much attention to the opinions of others

?Buying all their curriculum for the year at once

? Referring back to school as their “go-to” model

But let’s be real here! These are only a few of the mistakes that homeschoolers can make.

In my new course, “Launch your Homeschool“, I dive deep into the common pitfalls homeschoolers make. In fact, almost every lesson highlights mistakes that other home educators fall into, and gives you solutions to avoid them.

Launch your Homeschool, our online Homeschooling course, is coming on 11th July! Insha’Allah.

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Next week, Sunday 12th July, I’ll be back with another LIVE Broadcast on Facebook and Instagram at 10am GMT. insha’Allah

We’ll be discussing, 

“Homeschool Planning 101”

I’ll see there!

Peace and Love,

how to start homeschooling
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