Several reasons exist for parents to not send their child to public schools, such as dissatisfaction with the curriculum, teaching methods, and religious concerns, but is homeschooling really better? Khadijah Stott-Andrew addresses this concern and her realisation that teachers don’t have all the answers either.

Khadijah is a mother of three and a self-proclaimed bookaholic! She talks about homeschooling while moving house and also how she has combined the national curriculum with the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

homeschooling better

In Episode 87 of the Raising Mums podcast, I talk to Khadijah Stott-Andrew from Our Daily Wonders.

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Homeschooling Resources Mentioned


Khan Academy

Khadijah by Fatima Barkatulla

Know and Tell by Karen Glass

Ambleside Online

Librivox Library

Our Island Story

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How to Start Your Muslim Homeschool

Launch Your Homeschool is an online course that will hold your hand and walk you through the beginning stages of homeschooling, built upon the framework of the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

I teach you how to choose the right subjects for your homeschool, how to choose the right resources, and plan out your year to create a homeschool experience that aligns with the values and beliefs of your family. Whether you are homeschooling in the UK, or elsewhere in the world, this programme will help you give your children an incredible education at home. 

I show you the essential teaching techniques that you’ll need to know to get started. There’s even an entire module on how to manage your time so you can still cook, keep the house tidy and take care of yourself, all whilst homeschooling your children!


Doors open Friday 29th July 2022, insha’Allah. 


Peace and love,

Books for muslim kids

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