In Episode 95 of the Raising Mums podcast I interview the multi-award winning poet, Mona Zac. She shares advice on how we can use poetry to encourage our children to reflect on the 99 names of Allah. In this practical and inspiring episode, sister Mona tells us why pondering on creation helps our children to connect with Allah.

Sister Mona describes herself as a dreamer, writer, and poet with a headful of ideas. She regularly thinks up and manages projects that her friend (and illustrator) Neamah Aslam beautifully executes. Mona can usually be found doing research for her projects with 100 tabs open, studying for her unending classes, or beating her children at card games.

In this episode Sister Mona shares:

  • How she became a writer and got into the publishing industry
  • The power of rhymes and poetry
  • How learning and discussing His 99 Names helps children to know and love their Lord
  • Why learning in a group or community is valuable
  • The relationship between love and learning
  • How to help your children see the signs of Allah all around them

Important Links

Intro Music – by PEARLS OF ISLAM 
(Bismillah from the album “Love is My Foundation”)

Books by Mona Zac: 
Connecting with Allah – a collection of poetry
Fill Me Up – a gratitude journal

Visit Mona’s Website

Connect with Sister Mona on Instagram:

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