In Episode 94 of the Raising Mums podcast, I interview Ustadha Dr Bano Murtuja about how we can help our children connect to the Prophet ﷺ.

Dr Bano Murtuja is a teacher of sacred sciences with a passion for the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In this episode, Ustadha shares with us:

  • Her experience in building a connection with the Prophet ﷺ and how it has and continues to, transform her life.
  • How we can bring the Prophet ﷺ into a child’s education.
  • How a mother can still teach her child the Seerah even if she feels that she doesn’t know enough?
  • An important way to protect the faith of our children.
  • How to encourage our children to connect and love the Prophet ﷺ

Connecting Prophet Bano Murtuja - Episode 94 of Raising Mums Podcast

Quotable Moments

This job, that was incredible but never quite fulfilled me, all of those empty spaces he ﷺ filled. The moral compass that I was always…Is this the right thing? Where do I need to go? How do I need to do this? …He ﷺ was the direction I always needed. But more than all of that, in all of my religious practice, when I got to know the Prophet ﷺ everything became, not just easy, but beloved.” – Ustadha Bano Murtuja

Let me show you who the best person was and let’s aspire to develop that because that is who the best person was and is, and that is how we’re going to be better. That, in and of itself, is an incredibly powerful dynamic.” – Ustadha Bano Murtuja

Connecting Prophet Bano Murtuja

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