Being outdoors is good for your children. It’s good for everyone! However, finding outdoor activities that you and your children enjoy can be challenging.

Scientific discovery continues to reveal all the benefits of being outside; including the benefits of sunlight, the microbes in the soil, and even the mood-boosting effect of the colours of nature.

But as Muslims, we know there is something more. It’s not just about looking at nature, but looking beyond it at the One who created it.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Despite knowing all the benefits, outdoor activities with children can be stressful. It can even feel weird and awkward! And when the kids get grumpy, you wonder, “What is the point of this?”

In this episode of Raising Mums, I talk about how you can enjoy nature together with children even if you don’t like being outside!


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I’ll be beck next Sunday 7th March 2021, at 4pm GMT, for another LIVE episode on Facebook and Instagram insha’Allah.

See you then insha’Allah!

Peace and Love,

Dr Gemma Elizabeth our muslim homeschool

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