You want to Start Homeschooling but you don’t even know where to begin!

You might have questions like:

?“What do I teach first?”

?“Is there an order I need to follow?”

?“What do I do?”

?“What do I say?”

?“How do I even begin?”

In this episode of Raising Mums I lay out a step-by-step approach to begin homeschooling your children.

Here are the 5 Essential Steps to Start Homeschooling!


So let’s recap what we spoke about…

How to Begin Homeschooling

? Know your WHY – What is your intention to start homeschooling?

? Know the LAW – You can find out more about the legal aspect of homeschooling in our FREE eBOOK.

? Know your goals for your children

? Find appropriate learning resources based upon your “Why”, the law and your “Goals”.

? Plan – Reverse engineer one year at time, focusing on the upcoming 6 weeks.

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If you’re struggling to make sense of the 5 Steps to Start Homeschooling…then you’ve got to WATCH THE VIDEO!

How to Start Homeschooling Course

Launch Your Homeschool is an online course that will you hold your hand and walk you through the beginning stages of homeschooling, built upon the framework of the Charlotte Mason philosophy.

launch your homeschool

I teach you how to choose the right subjects for your homeschool, how to chose the right resources and plan out your year to create a homeschool experience that aligns with the values and beliefs of your family.

I show you the essential teaching techniques that you’ll need to now to get started. There’s even an entire module on how to manage your time so you can still cook, keep the house tidy and take care of yourself, all whilst homeschooling your children!


Start Homeschooling with Launch Your Homeschool

Launch Your Homeschool is open for enrolment between 6th-13th December 2020.
 For More Information – CLICK HERE

Peace and Love,

How to start homeschooling
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