Choosing books for children has never been so hard! With the huge numbers of ever increasing children’s books available, deciding which one you’re actually going to get is an indomitable task.

Consider this. When you go to the library, how do you choose from the thousands of books that are there, which ones you’ll actually take home? When you stumble across a book online, how do you know if it’s a “We’ve got to have this,” or if it’s a “Nope. Pass!”?

books for children

Is it just a matter of making an informed decisions by reading the back cover? Should we put our trust in the publisher’s social media marketing and influencer reviews? Or do we literally judge a book by its cover?

In this episode of the Raising Mums podcast, I share three things to look for when choosing books for children. 

Choosing Books for Children


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I’ll be beck next Sunday 14th March 2021, at 4pm GMT, for another LIVE episode on Facebook and Instagram insha’Allah.

See you then insha’Allah!

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books for children
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