Today on Our Muslim Homeschool, we are going to be talking about MATHS! More specifically, the best maths programmes that are available online for homeschoolers in the UK.

After being asked by several homeschooling
families to recommend an online maths programme, I decided to share my recommendations in a blog post instead!

Online Maths Programmes for UK Homeschool

using an online maths platform is not necessary, it can be a fun way to supplement
your existing curriculum, or encourage reluctant learners. They can also be
helpful for parents who are nervous teaching maths to their children themselves.
As with most homeschooling material, there is a lot available
from U.S.A. Whilst these can be used by homeschoolers in the UK with little or no problems, some prefer to use curricula that is tailored to students in the UK.
Below I have listed online maths programmes that
specifically try to align with the UK National curriculum. This list is by no
means exhaustive and is not done in any particular order. The focus of these recommendations is particularly for children of Primary School age. 
It does NOT include the many websites that offer
downloadable worksheets. Instead it lists those that have instructional
videos, animations, games or interactive questions available.

Online Maths Programmes

C indicates this platform can be used alone as a complete curriculum.
S indicates this site could be used as a supplement to another complete curriculum.
P indicates that this site required payment for complete access.
F indicates that this website is free.

Education City S P

Education City uses animations and games to teach Maths, as
well as Literacy, Science, French, German and Spanish. At the time of writing this,
there is a free trial period and then you pay £29.95 per child per year.

Math Seeds S P

Mathseeds aims to teach core maths and
problem solving skills needed to be successful at school. For kids ages 3-6, it uses interactive
animations and games. At time of writing, there is a free trial period and then
it is £29.95 per child per year.

Maths Whizz C P

Maths Whizz is for children ages 5-13. It teaches through
animations and questions. If a concept of not fully understand, the software
will reteach the same topic differently, until the child has understood. At the
time of writing, Maths Whizz is offering a free trial and then is priced at
£149 per annum.

Conquer Maths C P

Conquer maths has a good reputation amongst homeschoolers in
general. It teaches children aged 4-18 through instructional videos and
questions. This is more ‘school-like’ and there are no games or silly songs! At
the time of writing, they offer limited access to their material for free. For
complete access it is £100 per year.


IXL teaches Maths and
English from Reception through to Year 13. It is entirely questions, with no instructional
element at present. This programme offer a limited ‘allowance’ of questions for
free. At the time of writing it costs £59/annum for unlimited access to all

Mathletics S P

Mathletics is widely used in schools in the UK, has won awards
and has a good reputation overall (although my son didn’t like it!). It reinforces and improves maths skills using
instructional animations, interactive questions and math drill races with other
students online. It is adaptive, and will adjust the questions asked, according
to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. They offer a free 10-day trial and thereafter
it is £39/child/year.

123maths S P

123maths takes a step-by-step approach to teaching maths,
and aims to fill in gaps in the child’s knowledge. It appears to be thorough
and more ‘school-like’ in its approach. At the time of writing, it offers a
10-day free trial and costs £48.99 per child per year.


BBC offers links to free animations, games and videos that
would be a fun supplement to your child’s current curriculum.

Komodomath S P

Komodo Math focuses on what it calls ‘Maths Fluency.’ This
essentially means helping the child become faster and more confident with their maths calculations. The lessons are taught with fun animations, followed by
questions. It is also adaptive, and will adjust the questions asked according to
the child’s understanding of a topic. At the time of writing they offer a free
14-day trial. Thereafter it is priced at £69/year.

There are also a few other websites that are worth

MEP Maths

MEP Maths is not an online platform, but rather a complete
downloadable curriculum that is available for FREE! It follows the parameters set
by the UK National Curriculum.

Free Instructional Videos

The following sites offer EXCELLENT instructional videos in Maths that are worth checking out. They are for the U.S. market, but most of them, if not all, can be useful to homeschoolers in the U.K. 
As I mentioned before, you do NOT need to use an online
maths platform, but many families to find it useful. These are the best from
what I have seen online.

It is worth using the free trials they offer to see if they suit
your child’s style of learning.

We have tried many of the one listed above, and
my son’s favourites have been Education City and Maths Seeds. This is not
because they are any ‘better’ than the rest, but they just appealed to his personality
and taste! So definitely give some of these websites a try!

Please leave me a comment below and tell me: 
Which online maths programmes do your children enjoy using? 
Would you say any are better than the others? 
What about for older kids?

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2 Comments on UK Online Maths Programmes

  1. Angelic Scalliwags
    13/10/2015 at 4:12 pm (9 years ago)

    This is a really thorough post! We use Conquer maths and it has worked miracles on my maths phobic girl. All five children enjoy it, even the four year old. We are huge fans! But you are right about it having no games so I shall enjoy looking at a few of your recommendations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blogs by FA
    14/10/2015 at 11:46 pm (9 years ago)

    Such a descriptive and informative post. Thank you for sharing. Teaching maths to children can sometimes be a very big challenge. Sharing your post with a few friends. 🙂



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